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Office Space That Works For You!

What is Office Space Plus?

We are a property management company that leases quality office space. It's office space, plus all the amenities you need to look good. From dentists to public relations firms, we provide the best for Southeastern Michigan's businesses.Office Space Plus brings a competitive advantage to your business at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need an individual office, an office center, or a custom build out, we cater to your specific needs.

We have options!

Office Space Plus is a diverse company with different types of properties so we can best suit your needs. Our database is updated regularly based on vacancies and we hope to find the perfect business center for you. For further information on properties, call or email us today!





Take a look at what each of our buildings has to offer your business.

  • Daily Janitorial Services
  • All Utilities
  • Optional Signage
  • Instant Internet & Phone
  • Security System
  • Event & Conference Area

Make The Most Out Of Your Day

What's not to like about having a personalized work space, where your ideas flow freely?

Your business benefits and so do you!

Here's how our offices meet your needs.


Working in a cluttered and dirty work space is very distracting. We handle the cleaning duties and bring in maintenance experts to ensure your office keeps you efficient.


Don't worry about

clearing off your kitchen table for a conference. We have meeting rooms that will impress your toughest clients. Contact us  for more information.


You're the one that keeps projects and ideas moving forward. We are too! Our office spaces house many professionals from varied fields. Join our community to see what it's about.


Our work spaces are always comfortable, clean, and professional. Boost your productivity in a quiet environment.


We take care of all your office needs so that you can use your precious time on more important things more pertinent to your success.


Your cleaning, maintenance, electricity, and water are included in your monthly rent, which saves you hundreds of dollars every month.

Its all in the details

Not only do we lease out affordable, high-quality office space, we give you so much more. We understand that little features make or break the enjoyment of your office, so we account for them all.

  • High-visibility buildings with optional marquee signage

  • Easy access to highways making it easy for you and your clients to navigate to the building

  • Ample parking space with security cameras

  • Individual office signage outside of your suite

  • UPS and Fedex collection boxes on site

  • Professional mailing address​

  • Amenities included (Water, heat, electricity, air conditioning, lights, secured access)

With so many benefits, why bring your business anywhere else?

You deserve a smart office and a smart price.

25211 Outside OSP Sign 6-1
705-100 inside finished
conf_room_w_OSPlogo 2

Ready to Apply?

Tenant Testimonials

James M.

" Kim, thanks for your prompt response to our request.  I wish more organizations (people) were as professional and helpful as YOU and your TEAM.  Keep up the good work!  Look forward to hearing from you.  Again, "

Rhonda D.

" Thanks for all your updates! You're a fantastic manager of our space. The communication and responsiveness you provide is exceptional. Keep up the good work! Much appreciation to you from my staff & me."

Blake J.

" Thanks for answering my distress call so promptly. You were there and gone before I knew it…taking in my recycling can and removing the hanging fascia. The only evidence was the foot prints!! Thank you."

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